Where should we build our Deutsch pump track?

Hey Lee,

Thanks to Welcome to Pump Track Nation, I am working on my pumptrack project and things look good, Germany) will support the project. They will even allow us to use a piece of public property to build the track on. Right now I’m thinking about the exact location and this is where I have one or two questions.

• The track could be close to some trees which would mean shade from around noon in summer, but also leaves in fall. Alternatively it could be built in some distance to those trees (no shade at all).

• In your book you write that water is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately a connection to the water main is rather difficult at the site. For the building process we could use water from a tank truck. As for the maintenance of the track – is water really necessary for this? Dust is not a factor. Generally, I think we have much more rain (let’s call it precipitation to sound smarter 😉 – you see, I also enjoy the linguistic finesse of your books) in Germany than you do in the Midwest.

Thanks for your advice!


Hey Ralf!

It’s great to hear the Pump Track Nation is strong in Germany.

• The tree location sounds great. Trees feel like mountain biking. Shade is nice. Leaves can be raked.

• As long as you have water for the build, and it rains on a regular basis, you should be OK.

Bonus features:

• Measure twice. Dig once. Pack like crazy. The more love you put into the surface, the longer it will last.

• Be sure to account for drainage.

Rip it! (zerreißen Sie es! ???)

Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. Ralf says:

    Hey Lee!

    Thanks a lot for your advice!

    I’ve thought about “Rip it!” before. “Zerreiß es!” would mean “Tear your bike apart.” Not sure if this is what is meant. What do you rip in English – the bike, the ground, or something else? Not sure what you “pin” either ;(

    By the way, here are two clips I wanted you to see. The first one shows Sam Hill and Thomas Vanderham pump on a trail. Helped me to understand the concept even better. Man – Vanderham is pumping those berms!


    The second clip should be a great inspiration for your tricross ambitions 😉
    I wish I could do on a MTB what this guy is doing on his carbon road bike!

    Watch it to the very end!



    We’re planning to build it in Lauf an der Pegnitz near Nuremberg, Bavaria.

  2. leelikesbikes says:


    Great videos.

    Rip … good question. That might come from surfing, where you’d rip or tear into the water?

    Pin … I think it comes from motorsports. Something to do with the inner workings of carburetors.

    Since I use these expressions all the time, I should do the research.

    Anyone know the origin of these expressions?

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