Where do I get my crazy socks?

Hi Lee,
I’ll be surprised if I get a response to this email but I’m going to try anyway…. I recently picked up a copy of mastering mountain bike skills vol.2. I noticed in some of your pictures you’re wearing what appears to be some nifty Sock Guy republican socks…..just wondering where I could find a pair of those for myself? Thanks for your time!
Michael S
West Virginia

PS. Come to the east coast, and make a stop in Snowshoe or Fayetteville.

Hey Michael,

Wow, funny you noticed!

Setting an edge in Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 2nd Edition.

I’ve reached the age where a perfect Christmas means lots of new socks. My wife gets my random socks at http://www.sockguy.com. In the last election year she bought me a Republican pair and a Democrat pair (I usually wear one on each foot). I don’t see those socks on Sock Guy now. Maybe they’ll come back in 2012?

Hoping to rock leelikesbikes socks soon …


PS: I raced Snowshoe in 2003 (muddy!). Now that the babies can get around more easily, it’s time to plan some adventures for the summer.

Know more. Have more fun!

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