What’s with these round bladed shovels?

Hi Lee

Thanks for sending the ebook Welcome to Pump Track Nation. Its got me thinking!

Now I have a question, what’s with these round bladed shovels? We don’t really see them that often here in the UK. Do they make that much difference?

Regards, Ian

Hey Ian,

Every builder has his (usually his) favorite tools, but in general:

• Round shovels (called “spades”) are best for digging.

• Square shovels are best for shaping and packing.

If you need to dig into the ground, use a round blade. If you’re shaping dirt, a flat blade is best.

Most builders carry their favorite shovel everywhere. When I go on a major build, I bring round shovels, flat shovels, steel rakes, push brooms, hoes, McCleods, wheelbarrows, buckets and steel tampers. Oh, and a measuring tape!

Measure twice, dig once!


Know more. Have more fun!

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