What’s with the new Specialized Pitch?

Hi Lee,

just wondering if you have ridden the new Specialized ‘Pitch’, and what type of riding it is best suited to? Any idea of it’s weight? How does it compare ride wise to either an Enduro or Stumpy FSR?



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Hey Rich,

No I haven’t ridden a Pitch.

Think of the Pitch as an Enduro at a lower price point. While 2008 Enduro SLs range from $3,200 to $7,700, the two Pitch models retail for $2,050 and $2,700.

Anyone who reads this site knows I love Enduros. They’ll do just about anything: trail, light DH, light freeride, pump/jump, urban, commute, whatever. The Pitch will deliver a very similar experience (at a lower price).

Riders rejoice!

— Lee

Specialized Pitch Pro. $2,700 of love.
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  1. jason says:

    Hey Lee and Rich,
    I have ridden a Pitch and it is sick!! Imagine a sweet pedaling All Mountain FSR with 150mm of rear wheel travel, (target is sub 32lb) starting at a little more than half the cost of the Enduro SL. Not as stiff up front as my SL, not as sophisticated or max performance in back without the AFR rear shock from the SL…but still really nice. I think it would be a great All mtn bike for someone just getting into it, or someone who favors a totally different type of riding (xc) but is curious. Econo Super D rig, yes! Perfect for 10 year olds with lawn mowing money who are faster than me, yes! Better than most 150mm bikes out there at double the cost, yep.
    Its not an Enduro SL in bump management or weight, my med Enduro SL pro M5 is 28.3lbs.
    Its not a Stumpy 120mm FSR either, my 08 Pro is 25.4 lbs, med, ready to ride, bone STOCK.

  2. JV says:

    Wow, suprised I haven’t seen that either!
    FWIW, I wouldn’t hesitate to save all that change and get a PIKE and a Fox Float (or upgrade to DHXC).
    The PIKE has proven to be one of the most efficient, reliable forks on the market and has remade RS’s reputation. The Fox shocks are very reliable as well.
    Given the initial problems with the big S’s suspension and the fact that someone with experience can match the Pike feel to the rear suspension, I would much rather get my hands on this before an enduro.

  3. Robbie says:

    Hey im looking at a couple bikes this wknd and was wondering i can get a new 06 enduro sl or a new 08 pitch..the pitch is $700 more. im going to do alot of down hill, and some urban over the summer….which is better for me? if the enduro what could i throw in it for 700 to make it a knar bike?

    I can also get a trek remedy 6 07 brand new for 1200 but when i rode it, i felt i couldnt really push it to hard…felt weak

  4. Daniel Villadsen says:

    hey there!

    Just picking up my Pitch pro tomorrow and I was wondering about the forks. How do you think the pitch would handle by exchanging the pike (140mm) for a lyrik (160 mm)?

    The bikes manual says the frame will handle it, but how do you think the bike will feel by doing this?

  5. leelikesbikes says:

    That will slacken the bike quite a bit. It’s already pretty slack; do this only if you’re riding mostly DH style.

  6. B-Well Bikes says:

    Fox 36 rc2 talas… drop the front end to climb… slack the geometry and up the travel for dh… and ride anythin in between… best fork out there will give you the best build that pitch will destroy trail!

  7. Daniel Villadsen says:

    Sweet! I’ll probably go for the talas.

    I love my Pitch! But I’ve lost a chammfered washer for the linkage when I was lubing up the linkage… 🙁 Now I’ll have to buy a bolt kit. Shame.

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