What’s with the new Specialized Pitch?

Hi Lee,

just wondering if you have ridden the new Specialized ‘Pitch’, and what type of riding it is best suited to? Any idea of it’s weight? How does it compare ride wise to either an Enduro or Stumpy FSR?



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Hey Rich,

No I haven’t ridden a Pitch.

Think of the Pitch as an Enduro at a lower price point. While 2008 Enduro SLs range from $3,200 to $7,700, the two Pitch models retail for $2,050 and $2,700.

Anyone who reads this site knows I love Enduros. They’ll do just about anything: trail, light DH, light freeride, pump/jump, urban, commute, whatever. The Pitch will deliver a very similar experience (at a lower price).

Riders rejoice!

— Lee

Specialized Pitch Pro. $2,700 of love.
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