What’s with the forks on the 2009 Enduro SLs?

People have been asking why the new Enduro SLs, except for the S-Works model, are using FOX 32 forks instead of last year’s Specialized E150. I got the answer from The Doctor himself, Brandon Sloan.

2009 Enduro SL Pro Carbon.

Writing from Whistler, he said:

So you know we have had way too many troubles with our E150 fork. We went in too big and struggled with quality. So for ’09 we are going to step way back. The E150 will only be on the S-Works bike and frame so we can handle the quantity and do a better job making sure it performs as designed.

Fox 150mm Talas or Floats are used on the Comp, Expert and Pro Enduros. We went with the 32mm fork for its weight … they are 1lb lighter than a 36 and stiff enough with the 15mm axle (sure not as stiff as a 36, but again 1lb and 10mm less travel). They are a good match to the Enduro SL style.

— Brandon

So there you have it. My Enduro SL has a 36 FLOAT on the front, and it feels great, but it’s big and slack (not necessarily bad things). I’ll bet the new 150mm 32 TALAS will be sweet.

PS: Check out the remote seatpost on the new SL!

My 2007 Enduro SL with FOX RP23 in the back and FOX 36 FLOAT in the front. With the heavy wheels and tires, this bike feels like an older Enduro — kind of a mini DH bike. For most trail rides I rock the 2008 Stumpy.

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