What’s with Stacy Kohut’s FOURCROSS brakes?

Hey Lee,
I was just looking at Stacy Kohut’s website and i saw the picture of his ride and it has 2 brake levers on each side. I know exactly what this is for. Wouldn’t it be much simpler if someone were to make a brake line the spliced off into two separate lines so you can control both brakes with one lever?

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You can see the dual levers on Stacy’s R-ONE 4X.

Hey Chris, I sent this one off to Stacy himself.

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great question … during the season i get asked this tons …

although it would be bitchen to have a special lever or hose or reservoir, it just seems it could be more trouble than it’s worth. what if i break something with my brakes at a lift-assisted mountain bike park? the chances of that resort/town having a motorcycle shop or specialty fabrication shop is not always high.

but … it seems there are always tons of places to repair stock brake equipment at the parks. so, we go that route.

we do it cause its easy, cheap and keeps use ripping the hill more than spinnin wrenches …

the left side is the front, and the back is right. we switch it around for our U.K. customers … a small little “mixer” keeps the pressure even, left and right/front or rear … no side to side braking for me.

the performance is killer.




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BTW: This post is unrelated to Tara’s. I hope …