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Got a question about coil springs: when do I need to step up to a heavier weight? I’m running an older Vanilla TC rear shock with a 550 lb spring. 500 lbs was definitely too light. 550 will work, but with a lot of turns to the preload collar. I’m not 100% on my damping settings, but it seems to work pretty well a few clicks in from full fast. Is there a compelling reason to go purchase a 600 lb spring?

Thanks. Scott.

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Hey Scott,

1. Set your sag. On most bikes, in your normal riding position, you want the shock to sag 1/3 through the travel (check your bike’s manual to be sure). If you need more than a couple turns of preload, you need a stiffer spring.

2. If you still bottom harshly and frequently, add compression damping.

Sounds like you need a stiffer spring.

— Lee

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