Western Denver pump track action

Oh man, it’s been way too long. I’ve been staying semi-fit, but I haven’t done anything fun since I broke some ribs a month ago.

On Saturday Evan, Ian and I went on a little road trip to ride our friend Robyn’s track. This is a private track; do not ask me for directions!

The track: I’d characterize this track as French Style. It’s tight and very peaky. At first it’s not as flowy as the International Standard, but it’s definitely fun. On a French Style track, your movements have to be quicker and more precise; I suppose that’s good training.

That’s Robyn at the right. He collects (and rides) vintage BMX bikes.

The bike: I rode my brand new Intense Factory Alloy 24. This bike is stiff, maneuverable and quick. I tried Evan’s 20, and that’s even quicker than the cruiser. Comparing these BMX bikes to mountain bikes, it’s a different world — quicker, tighter, more punishing, more rewarding. More on the Intense soon.

Evan, chainless on a 20.

Jumping up onto the bank. This way-outside entrance made the turn WAY faster.

Check out this line. Jumping from the second roller …

… to the bank above the berm. Sick!

Me, rocking some micro-style into the berm. Check out the scenery.

Railin’ the 24, trying not to think about this.

The setting sun was blinding, but check out that light! BTW: This bike rips.

… and we’re in the turn. Braaap!

Ian in non-bike action.

This was my stepson Ian’s first day on a pump track. This was a hard track to learn on, but Ian picked it up like the star athlete he is. He took all of these riding photos. Thanks Ian!

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