Weights and sprints on the same day?

Hey Lee, thanks for the indoor training article.

I’ll look to integrate your ideas with the DB Combo program at the start of Jan. when I make my monthly adjustments.

Any thoughts on doing the intervals before or after weight training?

Cheers Greg

Hey Greg,

Unless you’re young, hyper-fit and/or pro, you should probably do intervals and weights on different days.

– Each of those workouts is very taxing. Pick one. Give it all you have. Be satisfied with that. When it comes to strength and power, quality is more important than quantity.

– Strength training and longer intervals work different energy systems. According to Olympic BMX coach Greg Romero, when you work two systems in a day, you are double-over-doing it. You experience much greater fatigue, and your recovery is hampered.

If you do two workouts in a day:

– Romero says to work the same energy system twice. Top BMXers do gate starts and weights on the same day, because those workouts are physiologically similar. You could do weights and very short sprints, but Romero advises against mixing strength work and longer efforts.

– Start with the workout that’s most sport-specific. Romero says to do your bike work first, then the weight room. That way you get higher-quality practice on the bike. In the end, that’s what matters.

I hope that helps.

Rock it,

— Lee

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