Weighting the front end in turns (again)

Hi Lee,

The two main things I need to work on I think are keeping my weight mostly on the pedals with heavy feet (less on the hands) and weighting the front wheel more in loose fast corners (I have had my front wheel wash out a few times recently, no I’m not braking).

How do I combine these two skills? They seem to be saying opposing things. When in your book you indicate that more weight should be put on the front wheel to stop it washing out and to track better, is this moving the hips forward and is it only a momentary change from the normal attack position with most of the weight through the pedals during loose corners?

I know you can weight and unweight, for example, pumping on a flat surface, but what about on an extended long corner which is loose gravel or mud and I am worried about the front washing out?

Thanks in advance


Hey John,

Spend most of your time with heavy feet and light hands.

Learn to corner with heavy feet and light hands.

In certain corners — with great intention and care — shift weight onto the bars to load your front wheel. This is a powerful trick, but it must be used carefully.

Weight distribution for turning
More weight forward on an al-mountain hardtail?

Rock it.


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