Wanted: Book on moto skills for MTBers

I have read your mountain bike skills book cover to cover and learned a great deal. This last season I improved a ton, as a direct result of reading your book, and riding as much as I possibly could. I also started riding a motocross bike this year, and found it to be very different from Downhill Mountain Biking, although my basic mountain bike skills helped me quite a bit. You have posted a couple of things about moto skills, but I was wondering if you will ever write a book on moto skills and the correlations between mountain biking and moto? Thanks for everything you have done for riding.


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Hey Daniel,

Thanks for the kind words.

Me and Fireman Jeff lead Instructor Vinnie at American Supercamp in January 2006. Vinnie said I was riding like a mountain biker — I’ve been working on that nasty habit.

MTB and moto are funny. They definitely help each other — if you’re good at one, it’s easy to become decent at the other — but there are some fundamental differences.

I think MTBers make better moto riders than the other way around. Why? Because motos are so much more capable than MTBs. After MTBers get used to the size and power, they have all kinds of confidence. Moto riders, on the other hand, always seem to feel sketchy on MTBs.

Anyway, yes, I hope to write an ebook: Moto skills for MTBers, and the other way around. Right now I’m frying some other fish. Please be patient and stay tuned.

In the mean time …

Moto riding for an MTBer, Part 1

More moto basics with Scott Bright

American Supercamp A Rama

Oh yeah: BRAAAP!!!

And check this out:
I just got an email from Janine, a woman I just taught my series of three bike skills classes. She also rides moto, and apparently the bike classes crossed over!

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Hi Lee – I loved the class & it has really helped me a lot – I’ve been practicing & also will be going to be going back out to The Fix to practice there again soon.

Meanwhile, I had an awesome transfer experience on Saturday. My boyfriend, RJ, & I finally found a mutual day we could get out dirtbiking together, & went out to the Erie MX track. The stuff from your biking class CHANGED EVERYTHING! I was able to apply the attack position, using the whole zone, etc. to handle “whoops” bumps better than ever. I also handled burmed turns like never before, due to the concept of turning my head, as well as my whole torso, weighting the outside peg, etc. My handling of the bike felt so much stronger than ever. So much so that I finally got the confidence to try jumping & I GOT IT!! This girl got air, with solid landings & smooth burmed turns afterwards. Once I got the feeling of how awesome a jump was, followed by nailing the whoops & burms, I was a maniac – couldn’t stop riding til they shut the place down at dark. God, it was an awesome day. It was a blast!!!!!

Now, after that, I’m pumped to get back on the bicycle this week, and apply it all back to the biking. It was really fantastic for me that you ride both bikes & motorcycles, because the way you presented information to me helped me so much with both sports. Thanks!


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