Using the bike trainer for integrated MTB training

For the last two seasons, I have trained on TrainerRoad, which frankly, I feel is too narrow-minded of an approach for MTB, and the ROI is weak. I’m ready to take on a more MTB specific “overall” approach to training. Now that I’m a member of the Lee Likes Bikes MTB School, where do you suggest I start? “Base” and “3”, maybe? Myabe stick with TR Low Volume, but add one of your weight plans?
Thanks! Looking forward to this!

Hi Scott!

Thanks for joining, and for reaching out.

I hear you about spinning on the trainer. While it certainly builds seated-pedaling skill and fitness, there’s so much more to MTB riding (as you know). Training plans should be highly personalized, but here are some basic ideas:

– If you stay on TrainerRoad, rock the sweet spot base low volume. While you’re on the bike, spend significant time at lower rpms and with the front wheel raised. Also spend extra time out of the saddle. This will make that training transfer more directly to climbing off road. Especially if you use your MTB on the trainer.

– As a member of LLBMTB, you can download my Pump Up the Base program for free (or buy it at this link). This is a 12-week base-training program designed for mountain bikers. It has a lot of skills focus plus high-power sprints. And the buildup is a lot slower than TR’s base program.

– Try the F6 program, which you can download on the site(or buy at this link). Those are all awesome movements for riding, and they require very minimal equipment.

– As much as you can, incorporate skill practice into your riding. If you don’t practice riding better, you won’t ride better.

– On a very regular basis, do whatever you-specific stretching and PT that your body needs. If you have injuries, see a professional to get this part of your program.

– For the ultimate tool that covers strength, endurance and skill, check out a RipRow.

My current off-season training consists of:

– TR sweet spot low volume 3x/week

– RipRow live workouts 3x/week

– Stretching and PT every day

– A little bit of strength work 2x/week to complement the RipRow

– As much coaching and riding as I can fit in

I hope this is helpful. Please reach out with further questions.


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