Uncle Dick Makes Hard Rubber Easy To Mount

Press release from a longtime supporter of LeeLikesBikes:

Introducing Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip designed for tough tire installations. Rich Travis, long time industry friend has launched his company with a new website http://uncledicksbikeshop.com. Working on bicycles Rich sees a host of tire problems arising for everyone.

“Today I see wide variety of tubeless tires, liners, tape, sealant and rim designs.” This variety creates complications that every mechanic deals with daily: Tire beads won’t seat properly. Rim strips get in the way causing an uneven mount. Tubeless systems lose air and sealant during installation. Then customers bring in vintage bikes with old school rusted bead-less rims, sigh. If you can’t flip the work fast it all adds up to lost time and money. The last thing you want to do is bill a customer for an extended technical struggle in the back room. With all the rim and tire manufactures out there today you need help with these common install problems. Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip makes mounting any tire easy.

“Our products help service departments improve profitability, says Rich Travis”. They also offer soft goods such as a t-shirt and a zip hoody with the classic UD logo front and center. The products are helping in all disciplines of cycling and niche’ markets such as fat bikes and roller skis.

“In our first season we tested the product with Olympic Supply Company here in the upper Midwest and it went very well”. “Olympic did a great job for us providing feedback and rolling out our products to their dealer network”. Bicycle dealerships also like the Brushes for cleaning/greasing hard to reach parts and apply glues and sealants to tubular set ups. After a great first selling season Rich is looking to add strategic partnerships with North American distributors.

Rich has spent the last two years as a service manager in one of the nation’s largest bicycle retailers. Prior to that, he held a host of positions on the OEM side of the bike business spanning 17 years. If you’d like to learn more about Uncle Dick’s products and special monthly raffles please visit http://uncledicksbikeshop.com and dial your favorite North American distributor to request these fine products.

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