Top tube length on Bubba Harris cruiser?

I am about to get back into racing after a 23 year break and have the opportunity to buy a Redline Bubba Harris signature series 24″ cruiser (2007) but cannot seem to find any frame dimensions, specifically the top tube length.
Can you please help.

Bubba harris crushes a gate at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. That’s Olympic silver medalist Mike Day on his left.

Hey Kai,

John “JQ” Quattrocchi at Seattle Bike Supply says the top tube on the Bubba Harris signature cruiser is 21.8 inches long.

That’s the standard top tube length for a Redline pro cruiser.

I’ll bet the Bubba cruiser has standard Redline pro cruiser geometry, with a special Bubba spec.

21.8 inches is a bit longer than, say, an Intense Factory 24 (21-inch TT) but perfect for a tall rider like Bubba.

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