Titus MotoLite?

Lee, what do you think of the titus MotoLite?

Hey Ron,

The top bike companies are making some sweet trail bikes these days, and the Titus MotoLite is among them. It has 4-5″ of rear travel, proven trail geometry and a Horst Link rear suspension system (which it licenses from Specialized).

The Motolite belongs in the list that includes the Specialized Stumpjumper (my biased choice), Santa Cruz Blur, Turner 5-Spot, Maverick Durance, and other high end trail bikes. The intended ride characteristics, and the prices, are comparable.

Find a good local shop and test ride some bikes. Choose the one that gives you that tingly feeling. Of course, they all might!

— Lee

The Titus site has a nice comparison of modern suspension designs.