This Saturday: Race for Tara 2 at Sand Hill Ranch

Two noteworthy developments: 1) Big fundraiser for Tara Llanes. 2) The rescue of the endangered Sand Hill Ranch.

Race for Tara 2

The cause:

The flyer:

Saving Sand Hill Ranch

Ever since I posted Can Sand Hill Ranch be saved?, this East San Francisco Bay Area riding spot has been getting some love.

— — —

From East Bay Rich, Oct. 19:

Hi Lee,

My name is Rich Regio, aka East Bay Rich, and I’m a mountain biker. I’m also a XCer, AMer, dirt jumper, freerider, and gravity racer. Specifically, DS and 4x. I’m also the Outreach Coordinator for my local mtb advocacy group, (Bicyle Trails Coucil of the East Bay). I also help admin

After reading your site ( from a link on MTBR), me and our Vice Pres encouraged BTCEB to push for volunteers for the rebuilding and maintenance of Sandhill Ranch’s bike park. Today, 10/18 was the first of 4 work days. I posted a write-up & pics here:

Although we weren’t able to gather the numbers we were looking for, we put a good dent into the damage done by a dry Summer.

I just wanted to shoot you an update and let you know that the troops are beginning to gather and fight to save Sandhill. Only from the lowest lows can we emerge to achieve our next upswing, our next height, our next step-up.

Thank you,
Rich Regio

PS- if you want repost this email on your site, pls feel free to do so.

— — —

Photos from the MTBR post:

View from lower DS.

View from mid DS.

4X rhythm before.

4X rhythm after.

Triple and berm on the 4X course.

Upper 4X berm.

First straight on the 4X, in need of love.

Crumbling berm on the 4X.

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From co-owner Renée Anderson, Oct. 27:

Hey Lee! My old buddy and turgid testosterone pal! (LOL!)

[Quick aside: I met Renée in the mid-90s when I was writing a bike column for the Contra Costa Times. She wrote a scathing letter to the editor criticizing my “testosterone turgid prose.” I will never forget that one!]

Just checking in with an update on our Race for Tara event…

These past two weekends I have had dozens of volunteers come out and help to rebuild both the 4X and the DS courses. Weeds have been eaten, berms groomed, jumps re-faced, and the entire rhythm section, which had deteriorated into a single line groove, has been rebuilt. I am humbled by the awesome outpouring of volunteer labor to help us make this year’s benefit Race 4 Tara-2 bigger and better than ever.

I am attaching a flyer for you. It would be grand if you could mention us on your site. (A list of raffle donors is on my Bicycle Race page). And…perhaps you might be persuaded to hop a plane that weekend? I know we haven’t kept in touch but you seem to have become an icon in your own right! Dude!

Take care,

— — —

I wish I could hit Sand Hill this weekend, but time and budget won’t permit that.

Everyone: Have fun, keep Sand Hill alive and support

East Bay Braaap!

— Lee

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