The best evacuation ever

– The fire seems to be slowing down. Conditions today are good for fire fighting. Go Fireman Jeff! I know you’re out there, and I know you know the terrain because we’ve ridden it all on moto.

– I want to run up to the house, grab the digital proofs of Pro BMX Skills then ride down on the Stumpy, but that would be a disrespect to the firefighters. Next time I’ll be a member of the volunteer fire department. This time I’ll let the pros do their thing. Go Jeff!

– Thousands of people are displaced from their homes. Many have lost their homes. That really sucks. Right now the difference between watching the news and living the news is one gust of wind.

– There’s plenty of general info, lots of emotion and way too many real-time home destruction shots — but real, useful info is hard to get.

– Hey news crews: While you’re hovering over a burning home (it’s a home where people live, not a ‘structure’), can you please whip out a map and tell us where you are?

– Or better yet: Will someone fly around the perimeter of the fire, calling out streets as they go?

– I’ve been processing Pro BMX Skills orders, and I will try to bring Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 2nd Editions to the post office today.

– Sacha, Diane and their boy Amato came by for a swim and dinner last night. That was very kind.

So far our house looks OK. We are all healthy. We are blessed. The babies will appreciate today’s room upgrade. I hope everyone is OK, and that the fire lays down.

My wife, who came to Boulder after fleeing Hurricane Katrina, declares this “The best evacuation EVER!”

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