Tearing it up with some Texans

In the past two weeks I’ve worked with a two excellent groups from our second largest state.

Rippers in Vail!

Two days with four high school mountain bike racers, two of their coaches, a dad, a mom, a brother and a sister. Thanks everyone: What a great adventure.

We were too busy ripping to take many photos. Cell-phone shots from Coach Andrew Andress:

Three hours of parking lot drills (which were fun) …

… culminated in learning to pump corners …

… a skill we applied on the awesomely flowy new Radio Flyer trail.

Veterans at Valmont Bike Park

Ken and Sandra Musgrave have been riding MTB for more than 20 years. It’s a great thing I’ve ridden some of their Austin, TX area trails; that helped me understand which skills they need to refine.

Ken looks through a corner.

Sandra, a former endurance MTB racer, gets a clean exit.

Sandra works a technical climb. Austin has a thousand of these.

Ken nails a big ledge. Austin has a thousand of these!

Coaching season is a busy but gratifying season.

Wherever you are, give it all you have.


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