Speed ladder for MTB?

Hi Lee,

Thanks for Pump Up The Base, I rocked it last winter and now I am gaining the benefits (aside from the leg speed, “climbing” on a trainer helped my posture while climbing).

My question is, does the speed ladder help in MTB? I came across a speed ladder and I thought that the foot speed(?) and agility exercises were nice and since I do MTB, maybe I can incorporate it to my training.

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Thanks for writing.

I’m stoked you’re enjoying Pump Up the Base. In addition to building high fitness without destroying you, the program creates real-world pedaling skill.

This is a speed ladder:

Photo from www.mitre-usa.com/

A couple years ago, junior DH national champion Alex Willie and I trained with Erin Carson at Rallysport Health and Fitness here in Boulder, CO. Erin had us doing all sorts of agility work, including speed ladders.

Alex works some lateral jumps under Erin’s watch.

I posed your question to Dee Tidwell from Enduro MTB Training, who is helping me these days. He said:

“Speed ladders can be beneficial to work on overall agility, coordination and reaction time. They are especially beneficial when you do cross over moves where the right side, for example, crosses over the midline to the left side and vica-versa. This trains both segments of the brain and helps create enhanced balance and neurological patterning. If you’ve got one, use it!”

So there you have it. If you have a speed ladder, use it!

BTW: You can do intervals with the ladder. You will get a great workout — and you will not be bored!

Have fun out there,


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