Some fun clinics this week

This is always a busy time of year, teaching-wise. Maybe it’s the nice weather, or people are back in town after summer, or maybe they’re starting to think about next season. Whichever. This week was fun.

Sorry about the iffy focus. My point-and-shoot camera is dying. I need a camera sponsor! Hint, hint, hint …

Families that ride together …
These guys have been a lot of fun. Ed is an expert-class XC racer. His wife Frankie is an enthusiastic recreational rider. Chad is a bump skier who’s new to bikes. Halle is another great athlete, but she’s never ridden before.

The mission: 1) To show the beginners how to be confident and have fun. 2) Show the expert some new kung fu.

Missions accomplished.

Chad was never afraid, that’s for sure. He’s getting low and about to push his 1964 Cannondale into the drop.

After one tense pass, Frankie nailed this. She’s extending into the drop, and she’s looking ahead to the next turn.

Halle was KILLING it. That’s one benefit of inexperience; you just do what the coach says. She got super low and stayed poised on her feet.

We sessioned this climb like 100 times. The keys were a neutral position and a slight pump, to keep the wheel from hitting the logs. Ed rocks it.

It’s all about position: Elbows up. Corners of the mouth up. Frankie is stoked!

Chad rallies my 2008 Stumpjumper Pro Carbon. He won’t be riding that Cannondale much longer!

A family affair
Jen is visiting from Austin, TX for a week of braaap and other frivolities. She’s super analytical: She watches and listens, and maybe she asks some questions. When she decides to try the move, she usually nails it.

That, my friends, is how you set an edge.

Random sighting

This year Ariel and Abby moved from Boulder to NorCal to work for Yeti. They’re back in CO for some business, and while they were here they provided demo bikes for an IMBA media ride. It’s always great to see these two.