Single crown fork on VP-Free?

Right now I’m riding an ’06 VP-Free with an ’02 shiver. I’m getting ready to buy a new fork but I’m torn. I love the versatility of the single crown forks but I’m affraid of it making my head angle too steep for the fast descents of whistler. I don’t plan on doing anything bigger than 15′ drops. I am moving to the high desert of Oregon(Klamath Falls). Which fork would preform better there? Thanks so much. You’re sooo the man.
Dan the Man

Hey Dan,

Sounds like you’re the man.

The VPFree is made for a long travel singe crown fork. If you go to you’ll see they spec a RockShox Totem. The 66-degree head angle will treat you right in Whistler, and the overall setup will rip at home. A DH fork would make it a DH bike — fun but not so versatile.

When Curtis Keene was here in 2005, he had a VP-Free with a FOX 36, and that bike was amazing. It sprinted like a 4X bike, but it braaaped like a mini downhill bike. Sounds like a great compromise!

Yeah, bikes can braaap.

— Lee

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