Shortening travel on FOX 36 VAN?

Hey there-

Just wondering if you know of a way to shorten the travel of a fox36 van rc2. I’m rolling it on an older 5-spot and the bottom bracket height feels a little high at 14 inches. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. m-dub says:

    In the Fox video from Interbike they said the Float 36 was internally adjustable in increments of 10 and 20mm or any combo. The Yeti site shows one on their 4x bike ( the color looks like a float and not a talas) that looks to be set at @ 100mm, I could be wrong. Man, I thought that was my next fork, I guess the talas is the ticket.

  2. m-dub says:

    I found this on the FOX site in the Float 36 manual: 🙂

    Changing Travel
    Travel on your 36 FLOAT fork can be changed by rearranging the internal travel spacers. After changing travel check the fork for proper operation before riding. If there is noticeable play in the fork or if it makes strange noises, disassemble the fork and check for complete number and correct orientation of spacers.

    36 FLOAT forks can be reduced in travel, but they cannot be increased beyond 160mm.

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    Hi gang. Here’s the word from Mark Fitzsimmons at FOX:

    Hi Lee,

    The official word is the 36 Van RC2 can not be lowered in travel due to the tight packaging. We try to keep the lowest possible crown to axle height and on the 36 Van, this came at the expense of designing the coil spring for one specific length.

    As for the 36 float, yes the travel can be reduced in 10mm increments with travel spacers.

    Something to note on this is a 100mm travel 36 chassis will still have a longer crown to axle height than a 32mm Float chassis. This is due to the crown overlap and bushing spacing. If a rider has fine tuned there bike setup with a 32mm FOX fork and lets say 100mm of travel and wants to switch to a 36 fork and keep the same geometry, they will have to set it up at approximately 80mm.


  4. Mann says:

    Hi all
    My reply might be a bit late but just wanna clear out some stuffs.
    The travel for the Float 36 forks can be reduced via spacers.30mm for each spacer
    Adding one 30mm and u’ll get 130mm travel.Add two and you’ll get 100mm.
    For the Van 36s is slightly different.The fork comes with a spring that is set only at 160mm travel.However with some knowledge,you can change the travel to 130 or 100mm.
    Here’s what you gotta do.Get 2 30mm spacers like those from the Float 36s.Measure and cut the spring to the length you require egs. 130mm or 100mm.(U can always buy/trade a new spring if you want to get full travel again)
    For 130mm put one spacer on the guide rod and 2 spacers for 100mm.Well I’ve did it and it works fine.
    Running 100 Float36RC2 on my Commencal Absolut 4X and Vanilla36RC2 on my Meta4X.Sweet ride!!

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