Shorten travel on BigHit? No!

hello lee,

I’m a proud owner of a custom spec big hit 07.

and i thought if it is possibly to tune it more into a smaller bike (less travel). i know mark weir rides a vp free with fox 36.
my question is if it feels wired with 160 up front and 200 in the back. or can i get less travel in the back without killing the geo??


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Hey Holger,

Dude, if you’re so proud, leave your bike alone!

Why do people insist on messing with stock? I just coached a factory-certified Toyota mechanic who drives a sweet ’90-something 4×4 truck. He said the thing was bombproof — until he put aftermarket suspension parts on it. After a bunch of stuff broke he went back to stock, and it’s been perfect ever since.

Car, moto and bike designers know their stuff, and they create each machine to meet a certain need.

Your BigHit is meant to have 8.2 inches of rear travel and 7-8 inches in front. If you want less travel, trade it for an SX Trail or Enduro.

Ride your bike!

— Lee

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  1. Esteban says:

    You’re right Lee…as always…One of the first things i got taught in mech. eng. was that all machines work as a system. In the development process each part of the machine is analysed carefully by itself and then analysed how it interacts with the other parts, as a whole system. This process takes even years some times. Teams of specialized engineers are put to work on these problems. The know-how involved in any machine is just uncountable. So if someone expects to just go and try to mod a machine, he/she better expect something to go wrong, and if it works, i bet it won’t work as well or it might be overdimensioned (like puting a 100mm fork on a dhbike). So people…listen to Lee! And if you reaaally want to mod something do it by researching a lot before. Ask the manufacturer, ask people with experience on it…etc….ok, have a test on monday…need to sleep, cheers!

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