It’s a different world

Hi all. Sorry I’ve been off the back on the site action. Lots of Living with a capital L.

– Last weekend I took my 18-year-old stepdaughter Kate to college. She attends Sweet Briar, a private women’s college in Virginia. What a whirlwind of moving in, arranging stuff, finding the right computer cables, supporting her mom … I missed the G3 race at SolVista, but it was worthwhile.

– A few days at home for maximal work and minimal riding. Braaap.

– Leaving tomorrow for NorCal. Not bringing a bike. Bringing Arlette and my 14-year-old stepson Ian to meet my parents and my new little nephew. I turn 38 tomorrow. Saturday is my parents’ 39th anniversary. It’s Family with a capital F.

I lived a lot of years just doing my own thing — riding and working, and getting all of my identity from those things. It’s a different world now. Wierd sometimes. Challenging sometimes. But cool.

When I get back from NorCal, I’ll get back to riding my bike and posting on this site, then head to Keystone for the MSC finals. The Fix Jr. Team is leading the series. I didn’t get to race this year, but how cool it’ll be to see those meatballs on the podium.

Yeah, it’s a different world.

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  1. PostCanyonLoc says:

    Your a good man Lee, keeping the “F” and ‘L” on balance is just a rewarding as laying a “Braap” out of a pinned turn. Your bike is faith-ful, its there ready to ride when you are……enjoy NorCal.

  2. JW says:

    Keep the rip on.

    Sweet Briar’s just over the mountains from some truly great riding in the Shenandoah Valley. Drop a line and I’ll see that you get the hook-up for trails and some bikes next time your around these parts.

    Harrisonburg, VA

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