Short but good interview with Ned Overend

Ned is a legend in our sport and — more importantly — a really nice guy. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with him, interviewing him and even signing books to him. The Dirt Rag site has an interview with Ned. Here’s my favorite quote.

Any advice to masters athletes, or any mountain biker who wants to be able to ride at their full potential, regardless of their age?

I’m not too obsessive about cycling, or training in general. My training approach has obviously worked for me. You need to be informed about the training process, don’t rely on a coach. Living in the mountains has helped me — it forces me off the bike in the winter. I Nordic ski and do other sports to create a physical balance that I think is responsible for my longevity.

— — —

Ned knows exercise science, and he knows his body. When he’s tired, he takes it easy. When he feels like pinning it, he PINS IT.

As I get older, I am realizing that too much of any one activity is bad for my body. Must … find … balance.

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