Roller height on the PumpTopia pump track?

Hey Lee,

Just purchased the Pumptopia Track Plan and was reviewing some of the sheets while comparing some things in your ebook “Welcome to Pump Track Nation v2” and had a few questions.

In the ebook it mentions 12″ high rollers with 10′ from peak to peak for the rollers.  However, in the plans it shows 18″ for what looks like 10′ peak to peak on rollers?  Is there a reason for this?  Will it be faster or slower?


Hi Sean,

What a great question.

The taller rollers are potentially faster/jumpier for skilled/strong riders, and they still work for regular riders. If you want an easier all-around track, make the rollers 12 inches tall. If you want a bit more of an “expert” track, make ’em 18 inches tall. Or somewhere in between.

I hope that helps,


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