Pump tracks: Different radii in the interchanges?

Hi Lee,

I’ve found your “Welcome to Pump Track Nation v2” e-book to be a great resource. The pictures and steps regarding interchanges listed on page 49-50 have been helpful but I am not fully confident with the exact design of my interchanges. My main question is, is it okay that the interchange berm has a different radius than the adjacent berm? I have drawn out a plan that I hope will work well. Is there anything that stands out that needs changing?

Thank you,

Hi Dan,

Thanks for reaching out.

Ideally, all of your turns have similar radii. This gives your track easy flow.

However, your interchanges can have different radii than the adjacent berms.

When you ride from the inside of the track to the outside, the radius will open up, and the turn will start to feel easier.

When you exit the outside line to go inside, the turns will get way tighter, which will be challenging, but you can learn it — and it’ll be super braaapy. My first track was like this.

–> Be sure to draw you plan to scale. Small mistakes on paper create big mistakes on dirt.

I hope this helps.

Measure twice and have fun,


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