Rocking with the SMBA monkeys

Lyons, CO ( – The mighty youths of Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures showed Hall Ranch who is boss.

Getting ready to ride. Check out the fire breathing bunny, courtesy of Mayfire.

I coached full time with SMBA in 2005, and I’m a huge fan of this Boulder junior cycling program. Wednesday we did parking lot drills then ripped the turns and rocked the rocks of Hall Ranch.

The key to rolling a rocky drop: Get very low and push your front end down.

Ross nails it.

Transitioning from a sweeping left to a sweeeeeeeeeeping right.

Right on Jack! Dude, that was so S-Works.

Specialized superlatives were the running joke.

– To “FSR” a section is to ride it well.

– To “S-Works” a section is to totally rock it.

Good kids and great riders. Or is it the other way around?

Thanks to Kate Rau for the photos. The best ex-boss ever!

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  1. alex willie says:

    what up lee? thanks again for riding with us. The ride was above s-works. I will put everything i learnd to work on my next super-d race. thanks again!!

  2. jack dean says:

    what up bra that was so fsr when you rode with us thank you man but r hand shake should be practist call me up when you can. hall is so comp but we s works it rimember keap rocking the fire brething bunys peace s works man out

  3. Kate Rau says:


    You continue to expand the fine art of coaching and how to finesse the best machine known to human kind. Thinks for keeping the fire burning and the bunny is the stump jumper extraordinaire. We all had a blast and it was great to have you back for a super sweet session (S-works cubed).


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