Rocking with the SMBA monkeys

Lyons, CO ( – The mighty youths of Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures showed Hall Ranch who is boss.

Getting ready to ride. Check out the fire breathing bunny, courtesy of Mayfire.

I coached full time with SMBA in 2005, and I’m a huge fan of this Boulder junior cycling program. Wednesday we did parking lot drills then ripped the turns and rocked the rocks of Hall Ranch.

The key to rolling a rocky drop: Get very low and push your front end down.

Ross nails it.

Transitioning from a sweeping left to a sweeeeeeeeeeping right.

Right on Jack! Dude, that was so S-Works.

Specialized superlatives were the running joke.

– To “FSR” a section is to ride it well.

– To “S-Works” a section is to totally rock it.

Good kids and great riders. Or is it the other way around?

Thanks to Kate Rau for the photos. The best ex-boss ever!

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