Pump tracks: What about hot guys?

In the Welcome to Pump Track Nation I mention all the hot chicks who will hang out at your new track. Megan, who just bought a copy, wonders about the hot guys.

Just wondering if the benefits are equal opportunity – there’s some reference at the beginning to hot chicks hanging out and watching … I’d rather have hot guys, will that happen?


Hey Megan,

Hey, I hang out at pump tracks all the time.

OK maybe not the answer you wanted!

While long XC rides favor the scrawny, shaven types, pump tracks attract all kinds of guys.

The distinguished gentleman. Ron Gager.

The backyard badass. Mark Weir.

The friendly foreigner. Petr Hanak.

The shirtless world champion. Brian Lopes.

Yeah, there are plenty of dudes in mountain biking.

Know more. Have more fun!

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