Pump track within a pump track?

I had read a PDF of “Pumptrack Nation” a few years ago. If this question can be better answered in your print version I’ll have to order one of those.

I’m building a public track here in NYC and am planning a dual-slalom style set of rollers/camels around the perimeter of our track. I’d like the inside and outside lines to have roughly the same speed so as to not put either at a disadvantage after the berms.

What can I do? Also, If its not too much trouble, when I’ve finished my scale-drawings, would you mind taking a look at them?

— Thanks! Christopher

Hey Christopher,

Great question. Here’s how I would approach this:

1. Lay out the outside line.

2. Decide how far inside the inside line should be. I would say about six feet.

3. Calculate the difference in distance. The outside line will, of course, be longer.

4. Add distance to the inside line. You can do this by adding a turn or making a turn longer and adjusting the adjacent straights.

There are infinite ways to do this. Here are a couple basic ideas:

The pump track at Ray’s MTB is laid out like A.

Once you get your overall layout, use the measurements in Welcome to Pump Track Nation to make everything flow tastily.

Custom design help

Your name or email are not appearing in my Pump Track Nation sales records. I don’t have much time to help with individual designs, but I’ll take a look if you pay up.

Pump it!

— Lee

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  1. zach says:

    Both A and B are good options, A being the better out of the two. From the sounds of it you would like to be able to have mini races on it which is rad but to make it truly fair you need to put in x-over berms on the 2 out side berms. This way riders will ride truly the same distance.

  2. Simcik says:

    Lee, That is similar to the concept I was discussing with you for your backyard. Other potential options, make a pumpzone instead of a pump track. Incorporate moguls like at a ski resort or as seen at one of the world cups this year inside the center of the pump track

    For me, I would take option B and add a slalom turn in the middle. We should brainstorm a bit more as we build yours Lee

  3. trailking26 says:

    Highbridge park, in Innwood/Washington heights.
    We already have a pump track, however it is in for a major overhaul/reconstruction as it was never really finished, and has worn down into “a lot of unnecessary effort”

    I don’t have the room in the middle to make a longer line, as the pump track is there. This will be for a pump/jump line around the perimeter which you can enter/exit the pump track from, or continue on around the rest of the jump park.

    I’m hoping to overcome the difference in length by using different height/length rollers to match the [i]speed[i/] with which one can circle the track.

    Anybody ever tried the “speed altering” theory?

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    A good rider will be fast no matter the roller shape.

    As a matter of fact, what makes lesser riders slower makes greater riders faster.

    How about Zach’s crossover idea? That could be exciting.

  5. trailking26 says:

    there is a “dead spot” before the 2nd (inside)berm in the rays video.
    I wonder if they have a roller there that they just take out for races?

  6. Mark says:

    Seems like it would be hard to make each track equally fast, even given equal distance – like B has 4 berms on the inside vs 3 on the outside. Could be a help or a hindrance depending on how good you are at pumping turns, or tight radius turns vs “loose” radius vs more rollers vs…etc.

    Maybe one track, pursuit style would be the ticket??

  7. zach says:

    I will try to get something drawn up for you in the next day or so to show the way the X-Over would work. You can put it in the berm or on the straight it is really up to you. I just like rollers in the middle of Berms which is how the X-Over works.

  8. Trailking26 says:

    Thanks for the ideas guys, I am grateful for all of your input.
    I’m looking into DS course design(with no luck so far).
    What about more “air time” on the inside line? It will be a pump and jump line after all, but i think for any significant difference to be had, it’d have to be a series of pretty big jumps right?.

  9. zach says:

    How much room do you have for this project? This could really help in finding out what type of creation this project could become. If you have a lot of room there is no reason that you dont have transfer lines from pump to jump course inside of each other. if you have long straights you can have all types of passing lines and transfers.

  10. bradley says:

    I think that a figure “8” like the old school slot car tracks would be the easiest and coolest way to go head to head with even track lenghts.

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