Pump track within a pump track?

I had read a PDF of “Pumptrack Nation” a few years ago. If this question can be better answered in your print version I’ll have to order one of those.

I’m building a public track here in NYC and am planning a dual-slalom style set of rollers/camels around the perimeter of our track. I’d like the inside and outside lines to have roughly the same speed so as to not put either at a disadvantage after the berms.

What can I do? Also, If its not too much trouble, when I’ve finished my scale-drawings, would you mind taking a look at them?

— Thanks! Christopher

Hey Christopher,

Great question. Here’s how I would approach this:

1. Lay out the outside line.

2. Decide how far inside the inside line should be. I would say about six feet.

3. Calculate the difference in distance. The outside line will, of course, be longer.

4. Add distance to the inside line. You can do this by adding a turn or making a turn longer and adjusting the adjacent straights.

There are infinite ways to do this. Here are a couple basic ideas:

The pump track at Ray’s MTB is laid out like A.

Once you get your overall layout, use the measurements in Welcome to Pump Track Nation to make everything flow tastily.

Custom design help

Your name or email are not appearing in my Pump Track Nation sales records. I don’t have much time to help with individual designs, but I’ll take a look if you pay up.

Pump it!

— Lee

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