Pump track in the woods?

Forgive me. I know you must get besieged with questions. The area I would most like to build in, and that I believe the city would support because it is just across from the Sheriff Department and ambulance garage, and it is just behind the current skate park, is wooded. Is it possible to build a small track in a wooded area? Am I out of my mind for even thinking of doing that?


Hey Jonathan,

Heck yeah it’s possible. If you can, don’t dig down into the roots. Bring in dirt and build above grade.

My ideal pump track is mathematically perfect. You might have to make geometric compromises to work around the trees, but a wooded pump track will feel even more like mountain biking and thus be extra sweet.


— Lee

PS: I know some of you Pump Track Nationalists have built tracks in the woods. Can you post links to pics/vids?

Know more. Have more fun!

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