Best warmup ever

I’ve been coaching at Valmont Bike Park a lot, and I’m becoming compulsive about my pump-track warmup routine.


• Try to arrive 45 minutes before the clinic starts. Tricky given multiple jobs and babies. The Wife helps make it possible.

• Put short seatpost on Captain America. 45 psi in back, 40 in front.

• Ride up to the “expert” pump track.

• 10 laps counterclockwise, switching feet so inside foot is always forward. Slalom down through the tight 180s then work my way back up the hill.

• Rest for a minute or so. Count heart beats at 150-165 bpm — quality aerobic work.

• Repeat for a total of 50 laps. Each 10-lap set takes 5:30 to 5:45, so it’s almost a half hour of integrated strength, mobility, fitness and skill action.

• By the time I finish, my shoulders are loose, my hips are open and I’m ready to teach like a monster.


10 sets of 10, then 5 sets of 20. I’ll need to arrive at least an hour early …

Wherever you are and whatever you’re riding, BRAAAP!


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