Pump-hopping up stairs

Many of you have seen the videos of Cody Kaiser and Alex Ryan hopping up the Belgian Steps at the Valmont Bike Park national cyclocross championships.

This technique is rad — and useful:

First the feats:

How they did it:

• Centered. Heavy feet, light hands. As always.

• Arms are making angles and maintaining balance, but they’re pretty relaxed.

• The real power comes from the hips and legs (supported by strong core).

• On the uphill side of each step is a tiny little backside. By pushing into these backsides, the riders generate propulsion and unweight over the stairs. That’s a win-win!

• BTW: Cyclocross bikes can be an extremely quick and responsive pump machines. It doesn’t take much backside to make them go.

On the trail:

Very few of us race CX at this level — and fewer of us can be this rad under pressure with maxed heart rates.

Try pumping up the rises on your next rolling descent and — with some pedaling — try to pump your way up technical climbs. In my experience coaching elite XC racers, my ability to pump uphill equalizes a 100-watt pedaling deficit.



Know more. Have more fun!

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