Props for the book

Lee, hello. Thank you so much for your book. It has improved my riding so much, so fast I feel like I’m cheating. You should get people who work in bike stores to sell it off the counter. It has improved my life. Really. I mean it. So much fun to ride better…

Thanks again.


Mastering Mountain Bike Skills

Hey Luke!

Thanks man. My publisher has been weird about getting the book into shops, but I hear the major distrubutors carry it. So all you shop dudes — time to order! 🙂

— Lee

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  1. james says:

    I concur, ace book. Shame I have no bike now 🙁 theiving thieves. But with the encouragement of the book i did start to go to the local riding club without it I would never had the nerve, now Im annoyed i cant go anymore

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