Pleasanton jump park

Hey, I was looking over your site and saw the story about legalized dirt jump parks, and then saw there was one in Pleasanton, California. I was wondering if you had the address of that place, because I looked online and couldn’t find it. Thanks!

– Will

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Hey Will.

The park is just east of Bernal Avenue on Stanley Boulevard.

Article in the Pleasonton Weekly

Contruction pics on

Rip it up and send me some pics!

Here are the stories I wrote: The issues, Success stories

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  1. brian says:

    There are some pictures of Pleasanton on Best place for info on bay area jumping and riding.

    Since Calabazas is still closed we have to go up to Pleasanton, Shells or some undisclosed locations.

  2. Jason Van Horn says:

    Hey Lee what’s up-

    ..been following your adventures for over a year now and saw your link to my site. Just thought I’d let you know I updated it with a new photo essay featuring the Pleasanton Jump Park. I get out of my cast in a few weeks, and am looking forward to riding out there again soon. Injuries suck don’t they?

    Take it easy,

  3. Kyle says:

    I live in pleasanton, it is on Stanley Boulevard… it is in between the McDonald’s and Shadow Cliffs Water Park/Lagoon and it is on the right side of the road

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