Places to ride a DH bike?

Hello Lee,
Your site is most helpful. I am considering buying a Demo 7. I live in Castle Rock, CO. Do you know of any close DH/FR areas in the Front Range (non resort) to ride it? Thanks for your help.

Moto-assisted shuttle at Left Hand Canyon OHV Area.

Hey Paul,

Downhill bikes are awesome, but they aren’t super practical. All I can suggest is:

1) You can ride on public trails. But you must be cool, follow the rules and NOT pin it when other people are around. The Front Range has shuttle possibilities, but I rarely shuttle for reasons of ethics and impatience.

2) You can ride in Off Highway Vehicle areas. OHV areas are completely legal, the trails tend to be gnarly and you aren’t gonna offend those trail users. I love Left Hand Canyon up in Boulder. You might explore Rampart Range. Many OHV areas are conducive to shuttles (wimp). Towing a DH bike uphill with a moto … now that’s cool.

3) The hills abound with bootleg trails. I don’t ride them, and I won’t suggest that you make friends and find out where those trails are.

I have to ask:

Why are you buying a DH bike? Can you ride it legally and ethically? If so, go forth and braaap. If not, consider a more practical bike.

— Lee

The riding in Left Hand Canyon is legal, ethical and SICK!

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