Pike vs 36 on Giant Reign?

Hey Lee, love your book! I’ve got a Dilemma going on right now, I’m in the market for a new fork but I’m stuck at a crossroads regarding price vs. travel vs. quality.

I’ve got an ’05 Reign with 152mm rear wheel travel and I need a fork with a 20mm through axle to replace my QR Nixon. I’ve looked at getting a Pike for cheap but only 140mm travel. Then theres the big Fox 36’s and Lyrics but those are ridiculously spendy at $800-$1000+! I’ve had really bad experiences with Marzocchi stuff so their mid-range stuff is out to keep my sanity intact, how would you go, do I need that extra inch or will 140mm do me? I’m pretty much 50% pedaling and 50% shuttling mostly steep downhill trails, but the climbs are pretty steep too!

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Hey Josh,

Thanks re: the book. That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I’m stoked it’s making a difference out there.

I have a lot of time on a FOX 36 TALAS and a FOX 36 FLOAT, both on Enduros, and they’re both awesome. I also have a fair amount of time on a Rockshox Pike, and that fork is awesome too. The Pike is smooth and stiff, and I like the progressive spring rate — the fork was supple on the small stuff but also resisted bottoming.

The Nixon your Reign came with had 145mm of travel and supposedly had one of the lowest axle-to-crown heights in its class. A 140mm Pike should keep your geometry close to stock, and it’ll work rip both up and down.

I say — for your bike and your budget — rock the Pike.

— Lee

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