MTB Strength Coach – February Combo Drill

James Wilson’s new January combo drill looks really hard. Sweet!

James’ dumbbell combo drills employ several full-body, multi-joint exercises in succession. The drills develop mobility, strength and conditioning. James uses them at the end of his workout; they’re also a nice little workout on their own. On big work days I do a short bike warmup then rock the combo action. That never disappoints.

– Clean to overhead press
– Straight-legged dead lift
– Burpee with pushup

– Do five reps of each exercise. That’s one set.
– Recover as needed.
– Repeat for a total of five sets.

– James says to pick a weight that makes you work so hard you need to rest after each set. He admits this is a tough drill, and in the video a 30-lb dumbbell has him breathing hard.

– Time how long it takes to complete all of the work. Over the next month, try to do the same same work in less time.

James gives you detailed instructions for each exercise, and he shows them in succession. From

More info
For more workouts like this, organized into a complete program, check out James’ MTB Combo Workout Program.

For lots of great training info, check out James Wilson’s site:


— Lee

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