Moving to Boulder: Which bikes should I bring?


In all likelyhood I will be moving to the P.R.o.B. (People’s Republic of Boulder) for fall semester (super stoked). I have three different rigs but probably only room to bring two. If you had to choose any two bikes out of a Bottlerocket (set up for mini-dh/trail), a cx bike, and a dirtjumper, which two would you pick. Ahhhh, the choices.


Hey Stephen,

Welcome to Boulder. It’s a great place to live, learn and ride.

Hmm … so you can bring two of the following:

– A burly trail bike.

– A dirt jump bike.

– A cyclocross bike.

This is a matter of personal style. I would bring the trail bike and the DJ bike, both with long seatposts to maximize their versatility.

Here’s why:

– If you live in Boulder you don’t need to ride far to run errands and such. So you don’t need a road bike.

– Boulder has lots of DJ, pump and urban riding. (The CU campus is really fun.) Your DJ bike will become your daily ride.

– If you’re gonna go ride trails/freeride/etc. — of which there is plenty — you’re gonna want to rip them on your trail bike.

I think a cyclocross bike, at the expense of a DJ or trail bike, would be a disappointing compromise.

But it’s all a matter of style. Boulder has one CX bike for every man, woman, child and Black Lab.

Welcome to the P.R.o.B.!

— Lee

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  1. Stephen says:

    Thanks Lee I think that will be the plan, maybe pick up a $20 beater bike for locking up on campus and such. Perhaps by second semester I’ll convince my roomie that bikes are more important then floorspace and have room for all three.

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