More snow?!?!?

I haven’t ridden outside in two weeks. And I’ve been working like a pig. And things here are busy. But I’ve been rocking the indoor intervals and strength work, and I feel solid. And the BMX book is in its final phase. And The Twins are doing great. So it’s all good.

But I’m antsy.

Yesterday dawned sunny. I was like YES! I will ride outside. Even the road sounds good. Full Lycra and drop bars: sign me up! But let me finish this one thing for the BMX book, then I’ll ride.

I was sitting here removing backgrounds from photos of Danny Caluag pinning a BMX roller — sick! — and I noticed some movement in my peripheral vision.



So last night was the Frozen Garage Worlds. Small victories:

– In ten minutes of one-legged intervals, I never, not once, lost connection with the pedal. Getting smoother.

– In my last 30-second interval, I hit 700 watts in the saddle. Getting stronger.

If I make it to Sea Otter, I will CRUSH the downhill.

Take that NorCal! Stop Facebooking about your perfect conditions.

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