Let’s help Mark Weir and his family

Some of you might have heard that Mark Weir’s house burned down. He and his family escaped unhurt, but he lost everything else. He is being positive (Weir style) but this is a trying time.

Weir is a good man. A gentleman warrior. Let’s give him a hand.

Go to Paypal and send your donation to helpweir@gmail.com. Send as much or as little as you like. Everything helps.

Weir has done a lot for many people in the bike world. Let’s return the favor.

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  1. Luka says:

    Sent some. It would be interesting to know how much will accumulate on the account in few weeks, if it’s not a secret or inappropriate to post.

    Again, best wishes to Mark and his family.

  2. MW says:

    Thank (insert your personal idol or religion) that everyone got out ok. Im sure he lost a ton of stuff but he still has the memories and most importantly,his family! Im sure he will bounce (or pump) back into action. Good luck with everything Mark and fam.

  3. Richo says:

    The fire may have taken his home and possessions, but he still has his awesome bike skills.
    Hopefully Mark will have a new home and belongings soon.
    Good luck.

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