MMBSii will be here next week!

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 2nd Edition arrived at the publisher’s yesterday. My copies should be here early next week, then I’ll start sending ’em to everyone who pre-ordered.

MMBSii is a huge evolution from MMBSi. I can’t wait to hold the finished product (and send it out)!

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  1. Sue Outlaw says:

    I’ve just taken a look at the new edition and it’s really great! Full of lots of new information/advice, fabulous photos, and great stories

  2. Francois says:

    Hi Lee.

    I have the first edition and now just ordered version 2.
    Also can’t wait for the BMX SuperBook. any date ?

  3. Stripes says:

    This book is made of awesome! Thanks for sending me a signed copy. I’ll definitely have to look at taking up BMXing after I get my knee fixed.


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