Hub spacing and dish offset for 2007 Enduro

Hi, I have a Specialized Enduro SL Pro from 2007. I am thinking of replacing the wheels, but can’t find what the hub spacing is. Also, I heard something about Specialized off setting the drop outs. Did they do this with the Enduro as well?

Plus: An obscure punk rock reference.

Hey Joseph,

Great bike. I’ve rocked mine on a wide range of terrain from smooth flow to DH gnar. Here’s some smooth flow:

Hub spacing: Your mighty 2007 Enduro uses standard MTB rear spacing, which is 135mm. Any “normal” QR hub will work — especially if it’s purple.

Rear dish: Some Specialized mountain bikes do have asymmetrical rear ends. This lets you build a wheel with zero dish, which is stronger and more punk rock than a standard dished rear wheel. However, according to this article — Specialized asymmetrical rear ends — your Enduro has a standard rear end.

How to tell for sure: Slap a wheel in there. If the rim/tire are 6mm too far to the drive side, get a spoke wrench and pull them back to center.

Anarchy burger. Hold the government please.

— Lee

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