Mitch Park Bike Park is finished!

UPDATE Nov. 22, 2013:

“First snow and first time nobody on it during the day in a while. Supposed to get real cold tonight, hoping it freezes, thanks again to you, Bruce and Scott.”
Mark L

Gardnerville, NV now has a super sweet bike park.

• Design by Lee McCormack and James Hall
• Build by Bruce Swan and Scott Miller
• Project management and stress by Lee McCormack


Check out LLB Trailbuilding: Design and build services

Click images for big.

The design:
• beginner pump track A (light gray, separate from the other tracks)
• beginner track B (green)
• intermediate track (purple)
• advanced track (dark gray)

The bike park is part of a greater project. I wish I had a chance to fish in the pond.

When I arrived, kids were sessioning beginner track A. Stoked to see that.

Scott and Bruce working the S turns on the intermediate track.

Beginner track A with a nice view.

Shovel packing the S section.

Bruce with the virtual ride test.

This is going to be a rad section. Transfers!

Placing dirt with the machine …

… and packing with tracks.

Resting the body, testing with the eyes.

When you are a trail builder, this is your rest time.

Scott shapes with the landscape rake.

The landscape rake is a mighty tool.

Bruce shapes as much as he can by machine …

… but it always comes down to hand work. His Lamberton rake is like a McCleod but even better for this work.

The intermediate track is taking shape. I really like how this track rides.

Serious portrait time.

As soon as school lets out, the kids come out to play. I’m told the park is packed every day. Perfect!

The beginner track is so simple and fun. Every town should have at least this.

View from a jump on the advanced return line.

Beginner track B: Easy to ride, hard to ride fast. Perfect practice for technical trail riding.

View of beginner track B and the advanced track, from the start hill.

Fly out of the advanced line and dive into this 360.

It snowed the night before the official handoff to the district. Bruce beholds the radness.

Beginner track B with a stunning backdrop.

Intermediate track S section love.

View toward the start hill and the eastern Sierra.

The advanced “flow track.” BMX racer kids were pinning this pretty darn fast.

Lots of possibilities!

We are proud of the design and build — and stoked to give the people of Gardnerville a sweet place to ride.

Do you want a park like this? Check out LLB Trailbuilding: Design and build services

Know more. Have more fun!

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