Maxxis tires: 2.35″ or 2.5″ rear?

I’m buying new tires for the summer and I have some Michelines right now. They’re good tires but I’m looking for something that rolls a little faster and can corner better. I’m looking at getting a 2.5″ Minion for the front and a 2.5″ High Roller for the rear. A guy at my local shop said to switch to a 2.35″ in the rear. I’ve always ran a 2.5″ in the rear but lightening up the rear sounds appealing. How would it affect my riding? I ride DH/FR.
Thanks for your help.
Dan the man

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Hey Dan (the Man),

That Minion DHF / High Roller is a great combo. The High Roller rolls very efficiently, and the Minion corners as consistently as anything out there.

In 2004, my last serious race season (before coaching absorbed my racing), I ran that combo in every condition you can imagine: dust, rock, mud, grass, roots, pumice … They got me a few big wins and an “I was this close” at Masters DH Worlds. As a matter of fact, I just got three sets of this combo (Super Tacky UST) for next DH season.

2.35″ vs 2.5″

– According to their site, Maxxis only does the 2.35 in a single ply casing. For rocky DH you really need two plies (some days you need three!).

– The 2.35 is almost a pound lighter. Yeah: 400 grams/14 ounces. That’s a huge difference.

If you do a lot of pedaling, the 2.35 will feel much quicker. But if you ride hard, it’s more likely to pinch or tear wide open.

Self propelled: 2.35″

Lift assisted: 2.5″

As long as you don’t wreck rims, I suggest going tubeless. No sense driving across the U.S. then pinching in your race run.

I love tires the way my wife loves shoes!

— Lee

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  1. Tony says:


    i’ve been runnin’ 2.35 mobsters on my FSR — great traction and so far durability on some pretty rocky stuff here in Pacifica. You recommend the Minion 2.5 –what’s the biggest difference one would notice with that tire besides weight?

    ridin’ down in PTown

  2. cj says:

    I am not concerned with durability as much as I am concerned with sick traction. Should I get a 3C rear 2.5 highroller or a 60a? I am running michys now and love the sick tracktion but could probably scale it back a little for weight sake. what do you think?

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