Maverick DUC 32 for tandem?

I am trying to figure out how to convert a Maverick DUC 32 fork from air to coil and what spring rate I would run on it for a tandem team. Our team weighs 350 to 375 and since we can’t wheelie we have to bash into things to get over obstacles. I would like to keep from bottoming out on hard impacts. Any thought or ideas?

Hey John.

1. Maverick American does not endorse the DUC for tandems. Forget the “I was just riding along (with my wife on the back)” story.

2. Maverick has never tried a coil spring. (I have an extra-heavy spring in the Super T on my tandem, and it’s barely adequate.) Air is the way.

3. Because I’m a responsible fellow, I won’t tell you how to use a DUC 32 on your tandem, but I will tell you how to set it up for a really heavy rider.

3A. For a 260-lb rider, Maverick suggests 90 psi of air. Start there.

3B. Add oil. This reduces the air volume and makes the fork more progressive; you keep the initial plushness but get more bottom-out resistance. Remove the Schraeder valve and add 5 ml of oil at a time until you stop bottoming. You’ll end up adding 15+ ml.

3C. Maverick has a Fork Tuning Chart on its site:

4. Ride smoothly. Pick clean lines, and work on unweighting the bike. The captain and stoker each do a bunny hop, one after the other. This makes a huge difference.

Thanks to Ariel Lindsley for kung fu powers.

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