Lots of pump track love in a small space

Hey Lee,

How much pump can you pack into a small space? More than you think. A few years ago you posted a few pics of my PT (sweet little Santa Barbara pump track) that I built weeks after seeing your first track. It has since gone through a few changes. As soon as you think you have it dialed, the mighty shovel starts screaming.

Thanks again for the initial inspiration. Here’s a video of the latest incarnation.


Right on Marshall!

This is a nicely built track, and it’s ridden very well. Get some!

Marshall’s original track: Sweet pump track in Santa Barbara

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  1. Chris says:

    Great track, regardless of space. Do I see opportunity to change direction by jumping over that ridge in the middle?

  2. dylan says:

    The variation is sick for being so linear. I bet there’s even more options then the one’s you videoed.

    Super sick
    Definently pulling some G’s through the turns.

  3. MW says:

    Thanks guys, The video is only a fraction of the transfers. Lee calculated it for me and at 19.2mph (the max recorded) its 2.74 G’s. I have had to run higher tire psi to keep the tires from squrming. Love it!

  4. David says:

    Awesome set up I’m liking the S in the middle. I have a oval in about the same size space, looks like I have more work to do. Lee is awesome!!!

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