Sweet pump track in Santa Barbara

My pump track is no more (sob), but Pump Track Nation is rolling strong in backyards everywhere. Here’s a beautiful example.

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Hey Lee,
I hadn’t seen any fresh pump tracks lately on your site so I thought I would share mine. Its taken 5 months because it required ripping out lawn, moving/building new fence, sprinklers, oh ya broke a knuckle on a training ride so that was 6 weeks off and had my second son all in the midst of the build.

With a little creative fencing you wouldn’t even know it’s there. Too much fun. I lost track of man hours because it was a solo mission (well my 3yr. old dug a bit). It’s small but you know it the saying, “it’s not the size of the track but the motion of the pump”, ok that’s just an excuse for a small track. 🙂

I have had a really positive response from local riders and now a few more being built. Crazy how much it has taught some of my XC buddies about corning and flow. So I just wanted to thank you for the introduction to “the pump track nation.” and my wife for lovin to ride and supporting the build. It’s no “Weir Wonderland” but it my little piece of pump paradise.

Outside corner radii – 9 feet

35’x21’x35’x21′ (banana shaped)

Top speed 18.9mph

Longest moto: 20min, 4 miles

I am in Central Cal (Northern Santa Barbara county) if any of your readers want to rock it.

Thanks Lee, Marshall

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