Lee Likes DH Camps #3 of 6

I’ve been taking my dudes on downhill adventures for the past few Wednesdays. We just had a great time at Keystone. The dogs were lovin’ it too.

Drop of Destiny

This new bridge drops six or seven feet to a nice backside. If you come up short — ouch!

Ben Gager sends it a bit too slowly. He’s about to experience a harsh landing.

The broken ribs put a premium on perfect technique. Mistakes hurt — so you can bet I absorbed this as much as possible and landed WAY down the backside.

Happy happy

Dylan shows the form that’s made him a regular on the podium.

More Dylan. Eyes are perfectly forward, but I’d like to see him lower on his bike (to let his bike roll off the rock without disrupting his body).

Neil rocks my Demo 8 like a champ. I ride the Mighty Enduro, which was super fun but a much rougher ride.

Attack of the Chocolate Crocodile

Fill a van with five monkeys and two dogs, and let the shenanagans ensue.

Hershey is glad Ben wears his armor all day.

Let’s go to Good Times. I’m drivin’!