Is it safe to cut your handlebars too short?

I was recently setting up one of my clients, a 5’4″ female, and her optimal bar width was narrower than the minimum width marked on her Spank Oozy 760 Vibrocore handlebar.

Rather than guess, I asked Mike Dutton, sales director at Spank, whether it’s safe to cut narrower than the “max cut” mark on the bar.

Detail of a Spank Oozy 760 Vibrocore handlebar. “Max” shows the maximum amount you can cut off the bar end without compromising the bar’s safety.

Hey Lee,

The “Impact Ends” on our bars is something we’re pretty proud of. In essence it comes down to reverse butting, allowing for a thickened area at both ends of the bar (without going into proprietary details about how that’s done). This was a development of Spank and Anvil Industries when we trademarked Dual XGT tapers.

The Impact Ends protect the bar from damage in crashes and slide outs, or from locking grips or barends (where applicable). A Spike 800 Vibrocore bar can cut to 740mm without compromising them. An Oozy 760 Vibrocore only to about 720mm though. If you cut them off completely, you will leave the barend area a little thinner than we feel is safe for that area. I’ve seen people do it without issue….but it will void warranty and we haven’t run the full compliment of lab tests to prove it passes all Spank standards in that case.

Mike Dutton, sales director, Spank

About your ideal handlebar width

Working with the doctors at REVO Physiotherapy and Sports Performance in Boulder, CO, I’ve devised a calculator that gives you your “sweet spot” handlebar width. This is your maximum medically recommended bar width, based on average proportions and known safe angles. This width gives most riders awesome control and power while preserving their shoulders. Based on this math, I’ve switched from 800 to 750mm, and I’m feeling way better.

Calculate your ideal handlebar width at (A free account is required).

Know more. Have more fun!

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